Install on Mac

To run Pythonator on your laptop or desktop Mac you need to install the Python programming language, the PyCharm Edu IDE (integrated development environment for writing Python programs), and the Minetest game. This section is for users of macOS 10.11 or later who are uncomfortable with using the command line. If you are comfortable using the command line, or running an older version of macOS, see the advanced section.

Python 3.6 or later

From the Python website download and install Python 3.7.2. Default settings are fine during the install.

PyCharm Edu 2018.3 or later

Download and install PyCharm Edu v2019.1.1 for Mac.

Minetest 5.0

If you are running macOS 10.11.6 or later you can download a prebuilt version of minetest 5.0. To install, unzip the downloaded zip file and drag the minetest icon on to the Applications folder. (To unzip right click and select “Open with” -> “archive utility”).

To run the first time right-click the minetest icon in Applications folder and click “Open”. There might be a security warning but you will then be able to click “Open” button.


The next step is to set up PyCharm Edu.